Rules and Procedures

Health & Safety

The MidAtlantic Erg Sprints has experienced medical staff on the race floor to provide immediate care as needed.

Play it safe: If you have a health issue, inform the medical staff who are stationed on the race floor before your race so they can better respond if an emergency arises.

Play it smart: Be smart about what you eat in the hours before a race. Do not eat dairy and heavy foods that are hard to digest. Make sure you are sufficiently hydrated. If you have any questions ask your coach!

Any member of the medical staff has the authority to pull an athlete for medical reasons at any time.


Athlete check-in opens at 7:00AM. Check-in closes one hour prior to the scheduled event time.

Rowers and their coaches are expected to complete the check-in process in a timely manner to allow the rower to become oriented and to warm up before the event. Assume there will be a line. It is the responsibility of the rower to be at the venue early enough to complete lightweight weigh-in and check-in.

Competitors arriving late for their event require manual timing.  Manual timing will be permitted at the discretion of the organizers. There is no manual timing option for events 231-268. 

Lightweight rowers must weigh-in and have their hand stamped before check-in.

Athletes will receive an Athlete Registration Card at check-in. Do not lose this card.

Refunds will not be granted for late arrivals.


All rowers who are members of USRowing (or members of an affiliated club) must have signed a USRowing online waiver.

Rowers who are not a member of USRowing must sign the USRowing paper waiver and hand in at athlete check-in.

Minors (under 18) must have a parent or guardian’s signature. No exceptions.


Event times are approximate and the schedule is subject to change. The schedule as printed on race day is the best estimate of when an event will begin. Rowers and coaches must allow sufficient time in advance of the scheduled event to accommodate any adjustments in timing that may be required.

It is possible that smaller events will be combined to race at the same time. If the demand for an event is greater than expected, efforts will be made to accommodate those rowers. For the 20 and 30-minute events, an earlier start time may be required.

There are no heats; finals only.


Proper sportsmanship and decorum will be observed by rowers, coaches, and the audience. Rowers are expected to be properly attired for competition, including shirts. Regatta officials reserve the right to ask any person who is not behaving in a sportsman-like way to leave.


Juniors: Rowers may enter events designated for older high school ages, but may not enter younger age events

College: Rowers must be a student in college and 17 to 23 years.

Open: Adults of college age and above may enter the open events. Juniors may enter only when there is no corresponding juniors event.

Coxswain Events: A participant must have been exclusively a coxswain in competition (not an oarsman or oarswoman) during the previous year. Weigh-in is not required.

Fitness Club Events: A participant must represent a fitness club team. Teams of four or more are eligible to win the fitness team challenge trophy.

Age eligibility is determined by rower’s age on race day.

You may not row for a sick or absent person. If you do so, you will be disqualified.

Lightweights and Weigh-in

Lightweight rowers must weigh-in and have their hand stamped before check-in. Follow posted instructions.

Unless otherwise specified, check-in and lightweight weigh-in closes one hour prior to the scheduled event time.

Weigh-in attire is required. This is limited to at a minimum: unisuit/all-in-one OR shorts/trou/boxers and shirt/top.

Weight limits for the lightweight events are:

CategoryErg SprintsCRASH-Bs
Junior Women135 lbs.135 lbs.
Junior Men155 lbs.165 lbs.
Masters, College & Open Women135 lbs.135 lbs.
Masters, College & Open Men165 lbs.165 lbs.

In open weight events without a corresponding lightweight event, medals will be awarded if there are two or more lightweights competing. Rowers must weigh-in and be listed as a lightweight. There are no lightweight classifications for junior age 13 & 14 1,000M events.

Adaptive Events

MidAtlantic Erg Sprints follows rules set by CRASH-B and USRowing for Adaptive Rowing Classification. Refer to USRowing and CRASH-B websites for more information.

C.R.A.S.H.-B. Qualifiers

MidAtlantic Erg Sprints is an official C.R.A.S.H.-B. Satellite Regatta. Up to four competitors may qualify for free airfare to the C.R.A.S.H.-B. SPRINTS World Indoor Rowing Championships in Boston on Sunday, February 12, 2017. Qualifiers must meet Concept2’s C.R.A.S.H.-B. Qualifying Times. In the event that more than four competitors meet the time criteria, qualifiers will be selected based on the best finish compared to the Concept2 Qualifying Times.

Note that the C.R.A.S.H.-B. junior men’s lightweight limit is higher (165 lbs) than MidAtlantic Erg Sprints. Heavyweight junior men attempting to qualify for lightweight at C.R.A.S.H.-B must weigh-in and have their Athlete Registration Card marked with their weight before racing.


Medals are awarded to the top three finishers (or team members in the case of relays, double or quad events) in each event. Medals will be awarded to lightweight rowers in the events without a corresponding lightweight event if the individual registers and weighs in as a lightweight and there are two or more lightweight rowers in that event. Rowers entered as a lightweight are eligible to win a medal as a lightweight only.

Team Awards

Eight team trophies are awarded to teams or clubs with the most points within their category.

High SchoolHigh school team or junior clubJunior
WMIRAWashington Metropolitan Interscholastic Rowing Assocation memberJunior
VASRAVirginia Scholastic Rowing Association MemberJunior
EVSRAEastern Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association MemberJunior
BaltimoreBaltimore/Maryland high school team or junior club not a member of another leagueJunior
ClubMasters rowing clubOpen & Masters
CollegiateCollege or University teamCollege
FitnessIndoor rowing or fitness clubFitness, Masters & Open

The MidAtlantic Erg Sprints uses the following point system to determine team awards.

Place20/30-min., 2000m, 1500m, 10000m & marathon500m, relay, coxswain, double & quad slide

Points from juniors events apply to the High School trophy, college events to the College trophy and masters and open events to the Club trophy. Points from masters events may not be applied to the High School or College team trophies.

In order to count toward the team points, partners in double and quad events must declare a single team affiliation at registration.

Parent/Child Dash and Kids Row events do not count toward team points.

USRowing Referees

The MidAtlantic Erg Sprints is fortunate that Mid-Atlantic Region USRowing Referees donate their time. This is the only major indoor regatta that uses USRowing Referees.

Referees marshal rowers to prepare for entry to the race floor, provide instructions on how equipment is used and how the race is conducted. Referees escort rowers to the races, watch over the rowers to assure their safe and fair completion of the races, and assist the Regatta Organizer in maintaining the schedule.

They show great pride in their work and we are proud, and genuinely appreciative that they contribute their time. It is a better event for their service.


MidAtlantic Erg Sprints would not be possible without the help of more than 200 volunteers who have given countless hours of their time. Special thanks to Alexandria Crew Boosters, Inc. and Alexandria Community Rowing.

We are here to make your experience a positive one. Contact a volunteer if you have a question or concern.


Due to scheduling limitations it is not possible to set a snow date. If the event is cancelled due to extreme weather we will post a notice on our website. Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds.


Warm-Up Area

Warm-up ergs are available before your event.

Please allow competitors in earlier races to warm-up before you.

10-15 minutes before the scheduled race, a Referee will invite rowers to the Marshaling Area.

Pay attention to announcements made in the warm-up area.

Pre-Race Marshaling Area

Referees will confirm your attendance and provide your heat and erg assignment.

Regatta referees will go over basic procedures and rules.

Rowers will be directed to the race floor.

Race Floor

Alert medical staff to any health-related issues.

There are five sections of ergs; each erg is numbered.

Go to your assigned erg.

Confirm that your name is on the monitor.

Alert a Referee or Timer if your name is not on your erg.

Hand your Athlete Registration Card to a Timer.

Do NOT sit at an erg with someone else’s name on it.

Before The Start

Get settled quickly.

Adjustments are allowed to the seat, foot stretcher, vent, and drag factor only.

Vent may not be changed once the race has started.

Referees will ask that you put your handle down.

Erg fans cannot be moving at the start of the race.

You are permitted a single coach or coxswain who is to stay to your left rear.


Rowers will take the start command from the PM5 monitor on the Concept2 Erg. The visual commands will be “Sit ready,” “Attention,” “ROW.” The clock starts with the “ROW” command and not after the handle is pulled.

The Concept2 Venue Racing System will detect and alert a false start.

Rowers who make more than one false start in a single event may be disqualified at the discretion of regatta officials.

During the Race

If your erg becomes disconnected from the Concept2 Venue Racing System do not stop rowing. After about 10 seconds the PM5 monitor will display “KEEP ROWING” at the bottom of the screen. All data is retained on the PM5. Your time will be recorded on your Athlete Registration Card and entered manually into the race system.

If any other mechanical problem develops early during an event alert a regatta official immediately. You will be moved to an unoccupied erg.

If a problem develops late in the event, you will be rescheduled following an appropriate rest period.

Remember that information on the PM5 monitor reflects times and positions for your section of ergs only. Your event may use more than one section and in that case your monitor does not reflect your place in the overall event. Row your hardest, best race.

Rowers may be disqualified if the handle is allowed to slam the erg!

Although not recommended, headphones may be worn during competition. They cannot interfere with the rower’s ability to hear instructions.

End of the Race

Alert medical staff, referee or regatta official immediately if you experience abnormal breathing or other health problems.

Stay at your erg until instructed to leave.

Under normal circumstances times are recorded automatically by the Concept2 Venue Racing System. However timers may opt to record time manually on your Athlete Registration Card. BE SURE YOUR TIME IS RECORDED CORRECTLY. The rower may be asked to initial the Athlete Registration Card to indicate that the recorded time is correct.

Leave the race floor as directed by the officials. Coaches and coxswains may also leave by the same route as the rower.

Relays and Parent-Child Dash

Rowers must change at the appropriate interval.

Rowers are permitted a coach or erg holder.

Rowers may be disqualified if the handle is allowed to slam the erg!


Address any protest to the USRowing Chief Referee immediately after your race.

The USRowing Referees will adjudicate the complaint following consultation with the Regatta Organizer.

Other complaints regarding the regatta should be addressed to the Regatta Organizers or a staff member.


When all rowers are at the “Sit Ready” position, the monitors will automatically begin the Start Sequence.  Adjustments to the display must be done before the Start Sequence is displayed.  Once the Start Sequence appears, it is not possible to adjust the monitor display.  (It is forbidden to change the drag factor once the race has begun, which is the Charley Butt Rule.)

PM4 Monitor display

MidAtlantic Erg Sprints reserves the right to make corrections or minor changes to these rules and procedures before on-line registration closes.