Erg Sprints Records

Equipment, training, and participation has changed immensely since the Erg Sprints began in 1986. But there are still some records that stand from those early years. Curious how you stack up? Want to break a record? Check out the list below.

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Events marked with an “*” are not currently on the Erg Sprints schedule.

Jr. LTWT Men 20-min. Row (155lbs)2010Tip MyersSt. Albans School20:00.005787
Jr. LTWT Women 20-min. Row (135lbs)2014Elena ModestiNational Cathedral School/CCCRC20:00:004941
Jr. Men 20-min. Row (Open)2017Nathan ManriqueSt. Albans School20:00:005949
Jr. Women 20-min. Row (Open)2016Hadley IrwinNational Cathedral School/CCCRC20:00:005208
Jr. Women 30-Min. Row*2001Emily TuckerNational Cathedral School/CCCRC30:00:006843
College Men 30-min. Row2017Reid NochUnaffiliated30:00:008680
College Women 30-min. Row2011Nadia SkolnitskyUnaffiliated30:00:007327
Open Men 30-min. Row2016Sam StittPotomac Boat Club30:00:009011
Open Women 30-min. Row2002Erika WahleNot Listed30:00:007573
Master (age 30-39) Men 30-Min. Row2012Johnny ForrestPotomac Boat Club30:00:008621
Master (age 30-39) Women 30-Min. Row2008Joanna RubiniAlexandria Community Rowing30:00:007513
Senior (age 40-49) Men 30-Min. Row2012Juan CastroAtlanta Rowing Club30:00:008526
Senior (age 40-49) Women 30-Min. Row2015Alison LenzCapital Rowing Club30:00:007530
Veteran A (age 50-54) Men 30-Min. Row2014Bogden PhilipPotomac Boat Club30:00:008297
Veteran A (age 50-54) Women 30-Min. Row2016Grace MalacridaMile High Rowing Club30:00:007271
Veteran B (age 55-59) LTWT Men 30-Min. Row2016Frank VetranoUnaffiliated30:00:007927
Veteran B (age 55-59) Men 30-Min. Row2016Thomas DarlingCambridge Boat Club30:00:008749
Veteran B (age 55-59) Women 30-Min. Row2015Linda LenschNavesink Indoor Rowing30:00:007060
Veteran C (age 60-64) Men 30-Min. Row2014Joe VaniscakRivanna Rowing Club30:00:007883
Veteran C (age 60-64) Women 30-Min. Row2017Nicola VersterNorthern Virginia Rowing Club30:00:006822
Veteran D (age 65+) Men 30-Min. Row2016Jim HumphriesUnaffiliated30:00:007759
Veteran G+ (age 80+) Men 2k2010John CaseyRivanna Rowing Club7:34.22000
Veteran F (age 75-79) LTWT Men 2k1999Ed DeweySynergy Indoor Rowing10:30.42000
Veteran F (age 75-79) Men 2k2016Cal SutliffPotomac Boat Club8:05.32000
Veteran E (age 70-74) Men 2k2012Kenneth BoyleRailhouse Brewery Rowing Club7:35.12000
Veteran E (age 70-74) Women 2k2010Camilla DurfeeUnaffiliated9:02.62000
Veteran D (age 65-69) Men 2k2016Robert SpoustaOccoquan Boat Club6:50.22000
Veteran D (age 65-69) Women 2k2017Dana PerronePotomac Boat Club8:37.12000
Veteran C (age 60-64) LTWT Men 2k2017Frank VetranoRock Creek Rowing Club7:09.42000
Veteran C (age 60-64) Men 2k2011Robert SpoustaOccoquan Boat Club6:33.42000
Veteran C (age 60-64) LTWT Women 2k2017Cindy ColeWashington Rowing School8:07.42000
Veteran C (age 60-64) Women 2k2014Eileen RyanUnaffiliated8:02.22000
Veteran B (age 55-59) LTWT Men 2k2015Paul SiebachNorthern Virginia Rowing Club6:43.52000
Veteran B (age 55-59) Men 2k2014Tom DarlingCambridge Boat Club6:12.62000
Veteran B (age 55-59) LTWT Women 2k2015Terry WaitersWashington Rowing School7:48.72000
Veteran B (age 55-59) Women 2k1999Sarah SargentFairmount Rowing Assoc.7:40.42000
Veteran A (age 50-54) LTWT Men 2k2010Paul SiebachNorthern Virginia Rowing Club6:25.12000
Veteran A (age 50-54) Men 2k2002Robert SpoustaGeorge Mason University6:22.12000
Veteran A (age 50-54) LTWT Women 2k2014Catherine CoffmanBeaver Creek Sculling7:52.02000
Veteran A (age 50-54) Women 2k2001Eileen RyanNot Listed7:32.22000
Senior (age 40-49) Men 2k2010Gregory Le SagePotomac Boat Club6:14.82000
Senior (age 40-49) LTWT Men 2k2015Swen EricsonUniversity of Miami Alumni6:57.92000
Senior (age 40-49) LTWT Women 2k2002Trina SantryNot Listed7:16.52000
Senior (age 40-49) Women 2k2007Elena BratichkoCapital Rowing Club7:15.42000
Master (age 30-39) Men 2k2008Gregory Le SagePotomac Boat Club6:08.92000
Master (age 30-39) Women 2k2009Kae GerhardCapital Rowing Club7:12.72000
Fitness Challenge Men 2k2015Brian BloxomBull Runn Crossfit6:50.32000
Fitness Challenge Women 2k2104Courtney TempleCrossFit Capitol Hill7:48.82000
Junior (age 13) Men 1k2011Grayson SteiglerWashington-Lee High School3:17.31000
Junior (age 13) LTWT Men 1k2014Leo CantyWoodrow Wilson High School3:43.51000
Junior (age 13) Women 1k2012Madison HutsonGloucester Rowing Assoc.3:44.11000
Junior (age 13) LTWT Women 1k2014Bradley MartinSaratoga Springs High School4:07.01000
Junior (age 14) Men 1k2009S. PrimettBurnt Hills Rowing Assoc.3:12.01000
Junior (age 14) LTWT Men 1k2014Aivas KubaitisWalter Johnson Crew3:33.61000
Junior (age 14) Women 1k2011Carolina RatcliffJames Madison High School Crew3:38.11000
Junior (age 14) LTWT Women 1k2012Elizabeth Sander-SmithMcLean High School Crew Club3:55.51000
Junior (age 14) Men 1500m1999Nathanial AllenWoodrow Wilson High School5:12.31500
Junior (age 14) Women 1500m1999Liz WhiteTC Williams High School5:56.41500
Junior (age 15) LTWT Women 1500m2009C. SchrandFirst Colonial High School5:39.21500
Junior (age 14) Women 2k*2002Alice BridgeMobjack8:15.52000
Junior (age 14) LTWT Women 2k*2002Tyler SmithsonMobjack8:19.62000
Junior (age 15) Men 2k*2002Patrick NeviusLake Braddock7:33.82000
Junior (age 15) LTWT Women 2k*2002Maria MicocciMcLean High School Crew7:54.32000
Junior (age 15) Women 2k*2002Chandi DublinNational Cathedral School/CCCRC8:08.82000
Junior (age 15) LTWT Men 1500m2012Alistair BellWalt Whitman High School Crew5:03.11500
Junior (age 15) Men 1500m2017Rory HagertyWest SpringfieldWoodrow Wilson High School4:49.71500
Junior (age 15) LTWT Men 1500m2014Zak CateraFirst Colonial High School5:51.41000
Junior (age 15) Women 1500m2015Clare MoloneyThe Hun School5:25.21500
Junior (age 16) LTWT Men 1500m2017Henry McCarthyMcLean High School Crew4:58.91500
Junior (age 16) LTWT Women 1500m2011Sofia ArendB-CC High School Crew5:57.61500
Junior (age 16) Men 1500m2001Morgan HendersonB-CC High School Crew4:44.01500
Junior (age 16) Women 1500m2012Karen MunyanJames Madison HS Crew5:24.41500
Junior (age 16) LTWT Men 2k*2002Mansour BenkreiraWoodrow Wilson High School6:53.82000
Junior (age 16) LTWT Women 2k*2002Amelia GunnLake Braddock8:12.02000
Junior (age 16) Men 2000m*2002Stephen SharpSt. Albans School6:32.32000
Junior (age 16) Women 2000m*1999Molly LoebTBC/GDS7:25.62000
Junior (age 17) Women 1500m1999Amy WeatherbyWalt Whitman HS Crew7:27.31500
Junior (age 17) LTWT Men 2k2016Joseph WhileWalt Whitman HS Crew6:39.62000
Junior (age 17) LTWT Women 2k2012Sofia ArendB-CC High School Crew7:30.22000
Junior (age 17) Men 2k2016Christian TabashGonzaga College High School6:03.62000
Junior (age 17) Women 2k2014Katie OgnovichHigh Point Rowing Club7:03.22000
Junior (age 18-19) LTWT Men 2k2002Morgan HendersonB-CC High School Crew6:23.52000
Junior (age 18-19) LTWT Women 2k2014Caitlin BeakesB-CC High School Crew7:48.62000
Junior (age 18-19) Men 2k2001Giuseppe LanzoneMcLean High School Crew6:08.22000
Junior (age 18-19) Women 2k2012Katherine ToothmanSt. Andrew's School, Deleware7:04.42000
College Freshman Men 2k2008M. MillerUniversity of Virginia6:15.82000
College Freshman Women 2k2014Julia ArthurUnaffiliated7:19.72000
College LTWT (165 lbs) Men 2k1999Matthew BernhardUSNA Crew6:27.02000
College LTWT (135 lbs) Women 2k2015Allie GarceauUnaffiliated7:35.82000
College Men 2k2014Ryan SearcyUniversity of North Carolina - Chapel Hill6:01.12000
College Women 2k2014Katherine AshtonUnaffiliated6:51.42000
Open LTWT Men 2k2008M. AllerPotomac Boat Club6:13.82000
Open LTWT Women 2k2015Morgan McGovernPotomac Boat Club7:13.62000
Open Men 2k2012Matt MillerPotomac Boat Club5:51.72000
Open Women 2k2007Jennifer ReckPotomac Boat Club6:51.22000
Kids (age 5-12) 500m2017Caleb MannUnaffiliated1:44.4500
Parent/Child Mixed 500m Dash2010Western Albermarle High School1:27.9500
Male Parent/Female Child 500m Dash2007Ali/AliRobinson High School Crew1:49.4500
Female Parent/Male Child 500m Dash2007Cobb/CobbUnaffiliated1:44.0500
Parent/Child Men 500m Dash2012Dennis BeckerNothern Virginia Rowing Club1:22.4500
Parent/Child Women 500m Dash2008CauffmanNot Listed1:33.8500
Parent/Child Men 1000m Dash*2007Thunman/ThunmanGonzaga College High School3:14.91000
Parent/Child Women 1000m Dash*2007Orrick/OrrickWalt Whitman High School Crew3:50.71000
Male Parent/Female Child 1000m Dash*2007BensonUnaffiliated3:18.21000
Female Parent/Male Child 1000m Dash*2007Miller/MillerUnaffiliated3:32.31000
Adaptive Challenge Men (FISA Adaptive Rowing Class)*2011Syd LeaUnaffiliated3:33.7
Adaptive Challenge Women (FISA Adaptive Rowing Class)*2011Claudia PerryCapital Adaptive Rowing Program5:37.1
Adaptive Men Physically Disabled (Arms/Shoulders)2016Dean BisseyMedstar NRH Paralympic Sport Club4:47.51000
Adaptive Women Physically Disabled (Arms/Shoulders)2017Hallie SmithMedstar NRH Paralympic Sport Club4:50.01000
Adaptive Men Physically Disabled (Trunk/Arms)2014Joshua Langston-WhiteMedstar NRH Paralympic Sport Club3:53.01000
Adaptive Women Physically Disabled (Trunk/Arms)2016Chloe OsborneMedstar NRH Paralympic Sport Club4:53.41000
Adaptive Men Physically Disabled (LTA)2015Dammy OnafeckoCapital Adaptive Rowing Program3:17.51000
Adaptive Men 50+ Physically Disabled (LTA)2017Charles LindermanCapital Adaptive Rowing Program5:05.91000
Adaptive Women Physically Disabled (LTA)2014Margaret RajnicRow New York - Queens4:24.71000
Adaptive Men Intellectually Disabled (LTA)2014Benjamin McGannAthletes Without Limits2:22.51000
Adaptive Women Intellectually Disabled (LTA)2014Emma BudwayAthletes Without Limits3:59.21000
Adaptive Men Visually Impaired (LTA)2017Dammie OnafekoCapital Adaptive Rowing Program3:24.01000
Junior Coxswains Men 500m LTWT (135 lb)2016Tanner TimmRobinson High School Crew1:38.0500
Junior Coxswains Women 500m LTWT (120 lb)2012Jenny AlcornWestern Albermarle High School1:51.6500
Junior Coxswains Men 1500m*2001Jacob AlcauskasHylton High School5:23.91500
Junior Coxswains Women 1500m*1999Alisha HennessyWoodrow Wilson High School6:52.71500
College Coxswains Men 500m LTWT (130 lb)2011Danny LewisGeorge Mason University1:36.5500
College Coxswains Women 500m LTWT (120 lb)2017Pearl RisbergAlexandria Community Rowing1:48.9500
College Coxswains Men 1500m*1999Jonathan SavageUSNA Crew5:15.71500
College Coxswains Women 1500m*2001Lisa LockwoodGeorge Washington University6:35.51500
Club Coxswains Women 1500m*2001Marie TienIndependent6:40.11500
Junior Mixed (2M/2W) 2k Relay2012McLean High School Crew6:10.62000
College Mixed (2M/2W) 2k Relay2011Unaffiliated6:13.22000
Open Mixed (2M/2W) 2k Relay2007Kolaitis/JohnsonUnaffiliated6:13.62000
Master (age 30-39) Mixed (2M/2W) 2k Relay2008Not Listed6:10.72000
Fitness Mixed (2M/2W) 2k Relay2014CrossFit Annandale6:19.12000
Junior LTWT Men 500m Sprint Championship2016David McCarthyMcLean HS Crew Club1:30.8500
Junior Men 500m Sprint Championship2016Christian TabashGonzaga College High School1:21.6500
Junior LTWT Women 500m Sprint Championship2012Dominique BakerUnaffiliated1:41.8500
Junior Women 500m Sprint Championship2016Merilynn FinleyResilient Rowing Club1:37.0500
College LTWT Men 500m Sprint Championship2014Kevin BrownLiberty University1:32.7500
College Men 500m Sprint Championship2015Will MeekerGeorge Mason University1:21.1500
College Women 500m Sprint Championship2010Mo McauliffeUnaffiliated1:34.3500
Open LTWT Men 500m Sprint Championship2012Matt NehlsDuke University Mens Crew1:37.0500
Open Men 500m Sprint Championship2012Kurt RupprechtCrossFit OldTown1:20.3500
Open Women 500m Sprint Championship2014Sarah HenryAlexandria Community Rowing1:35.2500
Master (age 30-39) Men 500m Sprint Championship2017Matthew PattersonUnaffiliated1:19.4500
Master (age 30-39) Women 500m Sprint Championship2015Erin HartMountain Fitness Expeditions1:39.6500
Senior (age 40-49) Men 500m Sprint Championship2014Frederick MalloyPotomac Boat Club1:24.4500
Senior (age 40-49) Women 500m Sprint Championship2016Erin HartMountain Fitness Expeditions1:37.7500
Veteran A (age 50-54) Men 500m Sprint Championship2017Michael MannUnaffiliated1:29.4500
Veteran A (age 50-54) Women 500m Sprint Championship2016Mary CatoAlexandria Community Rowing1:48.6500
Veteran B (age 55-59) Men 500m Sprint Championship2015Forrest ShusterPotomac Boat Club1:29.3500
Veteran B (age 55-59) Women 500m Sprint Championship2015Linda LaskoPrince William Rowing Club1:52.0500
Veteran C (age 60-64) Men 500m Sprint Championship2016Forrest ShusterPotomac Boat Club1:29.6500
Veteran C (age 60-64) Women 500m Sprint Championship2016Margie OrrickRock Creek Rowing2:04.2500
Veteran D (age 65-69) Men 500m Sprint Championship2016Alexander TorresPrince WIlliam Rowing Club1:37.9500
Veteran D (age 65-69) Women 500m Sprint Championship2016Mary WootenCape Fear River Rowing Club2:09.1500
Junior Men 500m (Double Slide)2001Jeffrey/SkinnerSt. Albans1:26.2500
Open Men 500m (Double Slide)2001Donovan/MarwinUnaffiliated1:30.3500
Masters Women 500m (Double Slide)2001Cole/MerzbacherPBC/ACR1:46.6500
Mixed 1M/1W 500m (Double Slide)2001Shorland/UlsakerGloucester High School1:45.1500
Junior LTWT Men 3-Minute Crash (Double Slide)2008Sales/NLUnaffiliated3:001910
Junior Men 3-Minute Crash (Double Slide) Open2008Carzolio/RumpfCerulean Boat Club3:001967
Junior LTWT Women 3-Minute Crash (Double Slide)2015Oakton High School3:001610
Junior Women 3-Minute Crash (Double Slide) Open2012Bridget Smith & Meghan WheelerMcLean High School Crew3:001726
College Men 3-Minute Crash (Double Slide) Open2016Matthew Weaver & Jonothan GhaulGeorge Washington University3:002063
College Women 3-Minute Crash (Double Slide) Open2017Janae Banner & Mia GiolaLoyola University Rowing3:001677
Open Men 3-Minute Crash (Double Slide) Open2003Mark Hayden & Sam StittWashington Area Rowing3:002019
Open Women 3-Minute Crash (Double Slide) Open2007Tice/MaasUnaffiliated3:001722
Junior Women 5-Minute Crash (Double Slide)2001Peckingpaugh/NiesonNot Listed5:002650
Masters Women 5-Minute Crash (Double Slide)2001Major/HamiltonAlexandria Community Rowing5:002509
Master (age 30-39) Men 3-Minute Crash (Double Slide) Open2014Dane Underwood & Philip HoyleOakton High School3:001943
Master (age 30-39) Women 3-Minute Crash (Double Slide) Open2003Cindy Cole & Kate DowlingPotomac Boat Club3:001610
Senior (age 40-49) Men 3-Minute Crash (Double Slide) Open2017Peter Heimberg & Scott AtkinsonAlexandria Community Rowing3:001739
Senior (age 40-49) Women 3-Minute Crash (Double Slide) Open2011Prince WIlliam Rowing Club3:001676
Veteran A+ (age 50+) Men 3-Minute Crash (Double Slide) Open2015Mark Pohlmeier & Tom RichbourgPrince WIlliam Rowing Club3:001842
Veteran A+ (age 50+) Women 3-Minute Crash (Double Slide) Open2015Cindy Cole & Terry WaitersWashington Rowing School3:001581
Junior Men 5-Minute Quad Slide2012B-CC Boosters3:006163
Junior LTWT Women 5-Minute Quad Slide2012McLean High School Crew3:004993
Junior Women 5-Minute Quad Slide2011Yorktown High School5:005358
College Men 5-Minute Quad Slide2017Kevin McGowan, Christopher Graff, Hector Formoso-Murias, Artym HaydaGeorgetown University5:006240
College Women 5-Minute Quad Slide2014Unaffiliated5:005231
Open Women 5-Minute Quad Slide2015Prince WIlliam Rowing Club5:005022
Open Men 5-Minute Quad Slide2017James Banbury, Deion Payne, Kiefer Mueller, Liam LaffertyGeorgetown University5:005900
Master (age 30-39) Women 5-Minute Quad Slide (Open)2011Dane UnderwoodNot Listed5:005945
Senior (age 40-49) Women 5-Minute Quad Slide2017Jennifer BrightAlexandria Community Rowing5:005105
Veteran A+ (age 50+) Men 5-Minute Quad Slide (Open)2014Potomac Boat Club5:005779
Veteran A+ LTWT (age 50+) Women 5-Minute Quad Slide 2017Loreen Arnold, Patricia Jackman, Moira Abernethy, Cindy ColeWashington Rowing School5:004806
Richard Hawe Men 60-Minute Row*1999Nill McCormackUnaffiliated1:00:0016600
Richard Hawe Women 60-Minute Row*2003Kate DowlingPotomac Boat Club1:00:0014409
Open Men Erg Marathon2017Peter ClementsPotomac Boat Club2:36:38.442195
Open Women Erg Marathon2017Cynthia WayAlexandria Community Rowing3:38:54.042195
Open LTWT Men Erg Half Marathon2017Griffin CanfieldMt. Vernon RECenter Rowing Rats1:22:21.921098
Open Men Erg Half Marathon2016Peter ClementsPotomac Boat Club1:15:2021098
Open LTWT Women Erg Half Marathon2017Christine WirthDC Strokes Rowing Club1:39:54.021098
Open Women Erg Half Marathon2015Esther LofgrenPotomac Boat Club1:20.12.121098
INAS Region Championship*2014Syd LeaUnaffiliated3:19.61000
INAS Adaptive Relay*2014Unaffiliated7:25.02000