24 New Erg Sprints Records Set in 2017

Records were set in several age categories from junior to veteran, and across all distances from 500m sprint championships to the erg marathon.

Two new events this year set the bar for 2018: Adaptive Men Visually Impaired (LTA) and Adaptive Men 50+ Physically Disabled (LTA). These events are marked with an “*”.

And for the first time in Erg Sprints history two or more individuals/teams weighed in to compete as lightweights in the Open LTWT Men Erg Half Marathon, Open LTWT Women Erg Half Marathon, and Senior (age 40-49) Women 5-Minute Quad Slide. These events are marked with an “**”.

EventNameAffiliationTimeDistancePrevious Record
Junior Men 20-Min. RowNathan ManriqueSt. Abans School20:005,949m5,911m (2011)
College Men 30-minute rowReid NochUnaffiliated30:008,680m8,416m (2001)
Veteran C (age 60-64) Women 30-min. Row
Nicola VersterNorthern Virginia Rowing Club30:006,822m6,445m (2010)
Veteran D (age 66-69) Women 2k
Dana PerronePotomac Boat Club8:37.12,000m8:38.5 (2012)
Veteran C (age 60-64) Men 2k LTWT
Frank VetranoRock Creek Rowing Club7:09.42,000m7:21.9 (1999)
Veteran C (age 60-64) Women 2k LTWT
Cindy ColeWashington Rowing School8:07.42,000m10:23.9 (1999)
Junior (age 15) Men 1500mRory HagertyWoodrow Wilson High School4:49.71,500m4:50.2 (2003)
Junior (age 16) LTWT Men 1500mHenry McCarthyMcLean High School Crew4:58.91,500m5:00.9 (2015)
Kids (age 5-12) 500m
Caleb MannUnaffiliated1:44.4500m1:45.7
Adaptive Women Physically Disabled (Arms/Shoulders)Hallie SmithMedstar NRH Paralympic Sport Club4:50.01,000m5:17.4 (2015)
Adaptive Men Visually Impaired (LTA)*
Dammie OnafekoCapital Rowing Club Adaptive Program3:24.01,000m-
Adaptive Men 50+ Physically Disabled (LTA)*
Charles LindermanCapital Rowing Club Adaptive Program5:05.91,000m-
College Coxswains Women 500m LTWT (120 lb)Pearl RisbergAlexandria Community Rowing1:48.9500m1:52.2 (2008)
Master (age 30-39) Men 500m Sprint ChampionshipMatthew PattersonUnaffiliated1:19.4500m1:21.7 (2009)
Veteran A (age 50-54) Men 500m Sprint ChampionshipMichael MannUnaffiliated1:29.4500m1:31.5 (2016)
College Women 3-Minute Crash (Double Slide) OpenJanae Banner & Mia GiolaLoyola University3:001,677m1,656m (2008)
Senior (age 40-49) Men 3-Minute Crash (Double Slide) Peter Heimberg & Scott AtkinsonAlexandria Community Rowing3:001,739m1,708m (2016)
College Men 5-Minute Quad SlideKevin McGowan, Christopher Graff, Hector Formos-Murias, Artym HaydaGeorgetown University5:006,240m6,152m (2015)
Open Men 5-Minute Quad SlideJames Banbury, Deion Payne, Kiefer Muller, Liam LaffertyGeorgetown University5:005,900m5,289m (2014)
Senior (age 40-49) Women 5-Minute Quad Slide**Alexandria Community Rowing5:005,105m-
Veteran A+ LTWT (age 50+) Women 5-Minute Quad Slide**Loreen Arnold, Patricia Jackman, Moira Abernethy, Cindy ColeWashington Rowing School5:004,806m-
Open Men Erg MarathonPeter ClementsPotomac Boat Club2:36:38.442,195m2:41:51 (2016)
Open Women Erg MarathonCynthia WayAlexandria Community Rowing3:38:54.042,195m3:46:35.0 (2016)
Open LTWT Men Erg Half Marathon**Griffin CanfieldMt. Vernon RECenter Rowing Rats1:22:21.921,098m-
Open LTWT Women Erg Half Marathon**Christine WirthDC Strokes Rowing Club1:39:54.021,098m-